13 Best Deshedding Tool For Dogs + Buying Guide 2019

If you own a dog, you’re already aware of the problems you have with your dog’s hair ending up just about everywhere in your house. While having your dog’s hair all over the house may not sound like a huge deal, it can become a nuisance for yourself and any guests you have over at your house.

According to 1800petmeds.com, how much a dog sheds “is influenced by coat characteristics, sunlight, temperature, health, allergies, nutrition, cleanliness, hormones, pregnancy, and lactation.”

Some breeds will obviously shed more than others, and dogs without undercoats typically shed the least out of all dogs.

If your dog has a problem with shedding and you find yourself struggling with allergies or spending all of your time cleaning up dog hair, it might be time to invest in a deShedding tool.

In that light, we are here to discuss everything about best deshhedding tool for dogs. So, without further a doo, let’s get down to business.

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What ​​Is a Deshedding ​Tool?

Now, let’s see what is a deshedding tool and why do you need it actually. We all know that it is completely normal for dogs to shed. Therefore, you need a tool to prevent that hair to make a mess in your house.

In that light, the deshedding tool was invented, and it offers quite a lot for every dog owner. So, here are some of the most important reasons to get this tool.

  • ​Prevent your dog’s hair to spread around the house.
  • ​Provide your dog with the proper treatment.
  • ​Reduce shedding of your dog.
  • ​Ensure that your dog’s health and looks are improved.

Top 13 DeShedding Tools Review 2019

​1. FURminator ​DeShedding Tool For Dogs

The FURminator features a stainless steel edge that reaches deep into your dog’s undercoat to remove any loose hair and reduces shedding by up to 90%.

Also, the FURminator includes an FURejector that easily removes loose hair from the tool with the push of a button. With patented technologies that guarantee to reduce shedding better than any other brush, rake or comb on the market.

Simply, it’s easy to see why the FURminator is one of the most highly rated deShedding tools on the market.


  • ​Reduces shedding by up to 90%
  • ​Designed by groomers for best results
  • ​Features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Available in several different sizes so you can find the right size for your dog
  • Easy to use


  • ​If a new blade is needed, they’re very difficult to find
  • ​Doesn’t work great as a standalone tool

2. DakPets Deshedding and Light Trimming Tool

The DakPets Deshedding and Light Trimming Tool is recommended for dogs of all sizes and comes with a four-inch, stainless steel comb with a safe blade cover that protects the blade when it’s not in use.

In addition, the DakPets Deshedding and Light Trimming Tool is gentle on your dog’s skin and is suitable for dogs with both single and double coats.

The DakPets Deshedding and Light Trimming Tool features a lifetime money back guarantee that states if the deshedding tool breaks at any point in time for any reason, they will replace your product for free, no questions asked.


  • ​Reduces shedding by up to 95%
  • ​​Strong, durable handle that won’t break
  • ​​Gentle on your dog’s skin and suitable for single or double coats
  • ​Four-inch stainless steel comb built to last for a long time
  • ​Lifetime guarantee


  • ​Poor packaging on the product

3. ​Happy​Dogz Magic Pro ​Deshedding Tool

The Magic Pro Dog Deshedding Tool is available in two different sizes to meet the needs of whatever size dog you may have. This deshedding tool is recommended for both single and double coat dogs.  

Also, it is gentle on the skin so your dog will not experience any discomfort. This particular deshedding tool is recommended by leading veterinarians and groomers.

However, it features a 10-year 100% money back guarantee.


  • ​Detangles hair as well as removes it
  • ​​​Comfortably fits in your hand for maximum comfort while using the product
  • ​Guaranteed to reduce shedding by 95%
  • ​Gentle on your dog so it does not cause any discomfort
  • ​Available in two different sizes so it can support any size dog
  • 100% money back guarantee for the first ten years


  • ​Sometimes can become clogged with dog hair
  • Not a standalone tool and should be combined with a tool to clean the undercoat of the dog

4. ​MIU COLOR Pet Deshedding Tool

​MIU COLOR Pet Deshedding Tool is possibly one of the most convenient deshedding tools that we found in this price point category. With everything that this tool offers, you will surely reduce your dog’s shedding up to 90 percent and save yourself a lot of time on cleaning.

So, this tool is able to provide an excellent groom experience for your dog. This means that you can easily groom your dog and ensure that it receives the right treatment. Besides that, this tool’s blade is made out of the stainless steel material which is quite good since it effectively removes all the loose hair.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s health since this tool will not hurt your dog’s skin in any way. Also, this is one of the most convenient tools since it is lightweight and quite easy to handle.


  • ​Perfect for grooming and loose hair removing
  • ​Ensures best health for your dog
  • ​Reduces shedding up to 90 percent
  • ​High-quality stainless steel blade equipped
  • ​Great for everyday use – easy to use


  • ​Not that easy to maintain, you have to spend a little bit more time on cleaning this tool.

​5. ​Thunderpaws ​Professional De-Shedding Tool

​For our next deshedding tool, we have selected this amazing Thunderpaws Best Professional De-Shedding Tool. Now, this tool is professional grade and it is made out of the high-quality materials. This means that this tool is used by many veterinarians and professional groomers.

Anyhow, not only that this tool reduces shedding up to 95 percent, but also, it is able to remove all loose hair in no time. In addition to that, you will find this tool quite good for boosting your dog’s health and looks in general.

All in all, this is one fine tool with lots of benefits to offer to anyone.


  • ​Ergonomically designed handle for easier usage
  • ​Reduces shedding up to 95 percent
  • ​Professional grade construction with high-quality materials
  • ​Recommended by many professional groomers
  • ​Solid for every dog type


  • ​Requires you to work carefully when grooming

6. MoJo's Dog and Cat Brush For Shedding

MoJo's Dog and Cat Brush For Shedding is available in two different sizes and within five minutes, you can reduce your dog’s shedding by up to 95%.

This slicker brush is made of a four-inch stainless steel comb and comes with a protective cover to provide a lifetime of use.

MoJo's Dog and Cat Brush For Shedding also dramatically reduces the loose hair on your dog.

Also, it allows you to check the condition of their skin and fur.So, the relationship will increases between you and your dog. 

Lastly, MoJo's Dog and Cat Brush For Shedding helps keep allergies at bay.


  • ​Promotes healthy coats for your dog
  • ​Stainless steel comb with an unbreakable handle
  • ​Dramatically reduces loose fur and shedding by up to 90%
  • ​Veterinary approved
  • ​Helps reduce allergies


  • ​No ejector button to remove hair from the tool

​7. ​Oster ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool

​Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers are quite good when it comes reducing shedding of your dog’s hair. Also, this tool is definitely one of the best ways to ensure that your dog is getting the best treatment.

So, this tool is specially designed to entangle knots in your dog’s fur and remove loose hair. But, it provides great experience for the dog as well, since this tool is ergonomically designed.

Besides that, you can easily work with this tool and ensure that you get the grooming job properly done. Also, this is a tool for medium to long dog breads.


  • ​Perfect for breaking up the tangles and knots
  • ​Designed for medium to long dog breeds
  • ​Easy to operate with
  • ​Solid and durable
  • ​Great for reducing shedding


  • ​You have to clean it with your hands in order to do it properly

​8. Pet Republique DeShedding Tool

The Pet Republique ​DeShedding Tool easily removes loose and dead fur as well as the undercoats of dogs. This particular tool comes with two different blades.

One blade is three inches wide and is meant to be used in the general area of your dog. 

And the other smaller 1.8 inch blade is meant for smaller areas of your dogs such as joints and other detail areas. 

Because this particular tool includes two different size blades, it can be used on all sized dogs. With stainless steel blades and a safety cap for when it is not in use, the blade is meant to last a lifetime. 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Pet Republique DeShedding Tool, you can send it back for a full refund.


  • ​Two different sized blades can accommodate any sized dog
  • ​Smaller blade can help detail the smaller areas of large dogs
  • ​Stainless steel blades help provide long-lasting durability
  • ​Non-slip, ergonomically designed handles for ultimate comfort in grooming
  • ​Less shedding means less risk of allergies in your house


  • Changing out the two different blades can be difficult at times
  • ​No ejector button to help remove hair from tool

​​9. Andis Pet DeShedding Tool

​Andis Pet Deshedding tool is simply one of the best deshedding tools that you can find. Namely, this tool is specially designed to provide great groom for all dog sizes. Besides that, you will definitely reduce shedding up to 90 percent with this tool.

As for your dog, this tool will provide nice and comfortable feeling when you use it on your dog. Also, the reason why this is one of the best tools in this line of business, is the fact that it won’t scratch the skin of your dog. This is quite good since your dog deserves only the best treatment that is good for both its health and looks.

On the other hand, this tool is made out of the durable and high-quality materials. This means that you can use this tool for a long period of time without any complications. Also, you will maintain a damage-free topcoat of your dog skin with this tool quite nice.


  • ​Specially designed for improving health and looks
  • ​Convenient for all dog sizes
  • ​Simple and easy to use and to maintain
  • ​Ensures shedding reduction up to 90 percent
  • ​Made out of the high-quality materials


  • ​Not suitable for untangling knots in dog’s fur

​1​0. GreEco 3-in-1 Professional Deshedding Tool

​Our next grooming tool is the GreEco professional deshadding tool that offers quite a lot benefits for both you and your dog. Simply speaking, this tool is equipped with three different brush sizes which will come quite convenient for any dog size.

Next, this tool is specially designed to perform excellently in every field when it comes to grooming and deshedding. Also, there is a quick release button equipped as well, so you can easily clean and maintain this tool.

Anyhow, this is one of the most convenient dog deshedding tools since it is able to reduce shedding up to 90 percent, which is really more than enough. And, you will find it quite easy to maneuver with this tool across the hairy back of your dog.


  • ​Great tool for all dog sizes
  • ​Excellent performance no matter the size or entangling
  • ​Quick release button equipped for easier maintaining
  • ​Reduces shedding up to 90 percent
  • ​Solid handle that is ergonomically designed


  • ​Brushes are a bit harder on your dog, so you have to work slowly with this tool

1​1. ​PETGLE ​Deshedding Tool For Dogs

​Now, we have here a powerful and amazing deshedding tool made by petgle. This tool is simply one of the best when it comes to efficiency of the grooming. Namely, this tool is abel to reduce shedding up to 95 percent.

Also, you can easily groom your dog with this tool and remove all the loose hair from its body. The overall construction of this tool is durable and it is made out of the high-end materials.

This means that this tool is one of the best around when it comes to deshedding and grooming. Also, you can easily satisfy your dog’s needs when it comes to improving its health and looks.


  • ​Great for improving health and looks of your dog
  • ​Maximum efficiency guaranteed with this tool
  • ​Reduces shedding up to 95 percent
  • ​Solid and durable construction allows you to use this tool for a long period of time
  • ​Easy to maintain and to keep


  • ​Not that good when it comes to entangling knots in the fur

12. MARDOG Pet Grooming Supplies Deshedding Tool

The MARDOG Pet Grooming Supplies Deshedding Tool will instantly help improve your dog’s shedding and after just one use, you will begin to notice a drastic difference.

The MARDOG Pet Grooming Supplies Deshedding Tool comes in only one size, but is recommended to be used for all sizes of dogs.

In just a few minutes, this deshedding tool can remove all loose and dead hair from your dog to bring back your dog’s shiny top coat.

In addition, the MARDOG Pet Grooming Supplies Deshedding Tool will help improve your pet’s overall health.


  • ​Reduces shedding by up to 90%
  • ​Promotes healthier skin and shinier top coats
  • ​Untangles your dog’s fur while removing the loose hair
  • ​Does not damage your dog’s undercoat or topcoat
  • Lifetime guarantee and the product will be replaced if the handle breaks
  • ​Ergonomically designed handle for complete comfort while grooming


  • ​No ejector button to help remove hair from the tool
  • ​Hair can become trapped in the tool and is difficult to remove

​13. Fur Go Pet Dog Deshedder Tool

​Our last, but definitely not the least deshedding tool in this review is the FurGo Pet dog deshedding tool. Namely, you can easily benefit a lot from this one since it offers a lot of advantages.

First, this tool is made out of the high-quality plastic and metal materials that directly contribute to its overall performance and value. Besides that, you can easily groom your dog and reduce shedding up to 90 percent.

Also, you can choose from different colors if you want to get this one, and, your dog will be provided with the best care and treatment with this tool, that s for sure.


  • ​Great for removing loose hair and knots
  • ​Solid performance even in the toughest situations
  • ​Reduces shedding up to 90 percent
  • ​Perfect for all dog sizes
  • ​Made out of the high-quality parts


  • ​You need to work slowly with this one

How ​to ​Pick ​the ​Best DeShedding Tool For Your Dog 2019?

If you feel that your dog’s shedding has gotten out of control and you need to purchase a deShedding tool, it’s important ​to get the best ​tool for your dog. ​You first must get some things into consideration. Now, we all know that there are plenty factors that affect the quality of a tool, and, here is what you have to keep on your mind when getting deshedding tool.


First, and possibly the most important thing about deshedding tool is the material that it is made out of. Namely, most of the regular and mediocre deshedding tools are made out of the low-quality plastic.

But, when you find a tool made out of the stainless steel or high-quality rubber, you will be rest assured that you found the right one.

So, every part of the tools should be good. In that light, the handle should be ergonomically designed and made out of the rubber or plastic. The head of the tool should be made out of the high-quality steel materials with durable and strong blades inside.

And, with the tool like this one, you will surely benefit a lot. Otherwise, you probably won’t even feel the difference between using your bare hand and the low-quality deshedding tool.


Next, dimensions are also important to look out before getting deshedding tool. Simply speaking, if you have a large dog breed and get a small deshedding tool, you will probably lose on efficiency and performance. In that light, it is always a good idea to get a little bit bigger deshedding tool in order to perform great.

But, if you don’t want to worry about the dimensions and stuff like that, you can always find a ‘’suitable for all dog sizes’’ deshedding tool. That way, you can be rest assured that you got the right one.


As for the effectiveness, you need to find a good and possibly specially designed deshedding tool. How? Well, you need to look out for the percentage of the shedding reduction. We recommend going between 90 and 95 percent of shedding reduction.

That way, you will make sure that you go the right one. Otherwise, you just got yourself a comb that will most likely not help at all.

Maintaining process

When it comes to maintaining process, we must say that cleaning and maintaining a deshedding tool is not that easy. In that light, getting the one that has special features that ease the maintaining is quite good.

Some of deshedding tools are specially designed in order not to catch a lot of hair, so, you have to clean them more often. On the other hand, there are some deshedding tools that you can use for hours and clean them after the grooming is done.

Types of DeShedding Tool

There are a few different types of deShedding tools available on the market and the following breaks them down and explains which are best for each size dog.

Slicker Brush

Made up of fine metal bristles and is best used on dense-coated, long-haired dogs. This type of brush is best used to remove tangles in the coat of dogs.

Blade-On-A-Handle Metal Comb

Ideal for medium-coated dogs because this particular type of deShedding tool has very narrow teeth that dig deep into the undercoat but leaves the overcoat along. Not recommended for dogs with a long top coat.

Bristle Brushes

Extremely versatile and is a great, basic brush for dogs with all types of coats.

Rubber Brushes

Typically used on smaller dogs and is great for loosening hair and other debris while also stimulating circulation in the dog.

Top DeShedding Tool Brands in ​The ​Market

Now, here are some of the best brand names of deshedding tools. All of these brand names are quite popular for some reason and they all offer something special in their products. So, let’s see.


Furminatior is definitely one of the most successful and the most popular brand names when it comes to grooming equipment. Namely, this brand name is popular for its high-quality products that boost grooming experience.

Besides that, Furminatior offers so much benefits that other brand names can’t provide. Also, most of the respectable veterinarians and professional groomers recommend this brand name as well.


From a line of great products for grooming, one brand name certainly stands out, that is of course, the Dakpets. Now, why is Dakpets so special? Well, this brand name is quite popular for providing such great products that improve health and looks of dogs, cats, and horses all around the world.

And, Dakpets are quite good when it comes to grooming products and deshedding tools as well. They tend to find the best possible ways of making the ​high quality deshedding tool on the market.


‘’We strive to provide our pets with the best possible products’’ are the words of this well-known brand name. Tunderpaws is quite popular when it comes to pet food, but, they also are very good when it comes to making some essential accessories for our dogs, like deshedding tools.

You will never find a low-quality product that is under this name, and that is why Tunderpaws holds such a great value for the price when it comes to products.

Happy dogz

For generations, Happy Dogz did bring a lot of different products to the market, and all of their products are high-quality ones. That goes for the deshedding tools as well. This brand name is well-known for its quality and durable products that last for a very long time.

Besides that, Happy Dogz are relentlessly working to provide their products and bring new and better deshedding tools every day.

Benefits of ​Using Deshedding ​Tool

As many of you now wonder, what exactly are the benefits of using this amazing tool? Well, many professional groomers use this tool to ensure that their work is done perfectly. On the other hand, there are some veterinarians that use this tool to provide the best care for dogs.

But, the real benefits of using a deshedding tool are:

  • Health – Deshedding tools are quite good for maintain your dog’s health. Simply speaking, this tool is great for keeping the proper hair growth and improving your dog’s health in general.
  • Cleaning – If you are tired of vacuuming dog’s hair every few days, then, using a deshedding tool surely will help. With this tool, your dog will reduce shedding up to 90 percent, which is really something great.
  • Looks – With the high-quality deshedding tool, you will provide good looks for your dog. The hair of your dog will be better looking and definitely healthier.
  • Overall Value – When you combine all the advantages and disadvantages, it is safe to say using a deshedding tool is quite good for benefit a lot.

How to ​Use Deshedding ​Tool

Here is how you can use deshedding tool properly. Follow these steps:

  • ​Start petting your dog with your hands.
  • ​Take deshedding tool and slowly start to groom your dog.
  • ​Go with the hair flow, never go backwards.
  • ​Start with the belly of your dog.
  • ​Slowly advance up to the neck and shoulders.
  • ​Groom the back and the legs as well.
  • ​Don’t forget the area under the legs of your dog.
  • After you are done, remove the hair from the deshedding tool.
  • Use the tool once again in order to pick the leftover hair from your dog.

Quick Tips

As we already mentioned how to use a deshedding tool, now, we will talk about some useful tips and tricks that you might find attractive. Namely, here are some of the useful information about shedding and grooming.

  • Don’t press hard while grooming with the deshedding tool – If you press too hard, your dog’s skin will be damaged and you will cause some problems for the dog.
  • Always check if the deshedding tool is clean – If you tend to groom your dog often, always check if the tool is clean before you start. The blade of the tool will get directly in contact with the skin and if it is dirty, it might create health problems for your dog.
  • Use slow and gentle motions – When grooming your dog, you must use slow and gentle movements with the deshedding tool. Otherwise, you will most likely scratch your dog’s skin and create problems. However, if you go slow, you will have nothing to worry about.

Frequently Asked Question

And, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people had in mind.

How often should I use deshedding tool?

​Well, that depends on your dog’s breed. But, we recommend using the tool once a week.

Will my dog start to behave differently after I use this tool?​​​

​Not at all! Dogs usually like grooming, but, you have to do it properly.

Do I need to clean deshedding tool after every use?​​​

​Absolutely! The hygiene of this tool is quite important for your dog’s health.

How can I know when is the time to stop grooming?

​Well, you just need to groom your dog once in order to see how much hair you collected. After that, groom for a few minutes more and you will be good to go.

Is there any special deshedding tool for certain dog types?

Most of the well-known manufacturers of deshedding tools make universal deshedding tools. So, you don’t have to worry about that.​​​

​How can I be sure that my dog’s shedding problem will reduce?

You can’t be sure until you see the results. So, just use a deshedding tool and wait and see.

​How can I use deshedding tool in order to perform the best?

​We have provided a few tips and tricks in this article, go check them out!​​​​​​

Final ​Thoughts

​Your dog will always be a part of your family. Wherever you go, odds are your dog is going to follow you. But that doesn’t mean that your dog’s excess hair has to follow you around as well. 

A dog deShedder tool is a must-have for just about any dog owner.

Deshedders can reduce shedding in your dog by up to 95%, they can increase bonding between you and your dog, and they can also improve the look of your dog’s top coat.

Picking out the right deShedding tool for your dog can be a difficult task. There are many different sized tools and also different styles that are tailored towards specific dog breeds.

The guide above outlines some of the most important aspects of dog deShedding tools and provides helpful insight into what you should look for when buying a deShedding tool.

Ultimately, you need to make sure you purchase a tool that fits all of your dog’s grooming needs.

​By following the guide above, you will ensure ​to select the right deShedding tool for your dog and you will begin to notice a difference in how much your dog sheds.

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