Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers: Reviews Of 2019

​Whether you’re a new dog owner or have had your pet for years, you understand the importance of grooming. ​From an ungroomed dog various skin problems occur like allergies and your dog ​experiencing discomfort for this. ​Only for this reason ​it's very important to find the best dog grooming clippers that will do the ​job possible. So that you can groom your pet quickly and efficiently.

However, how do you know what to look for, especially if this is your first pet? Thankfully, there are several different tips to follow when considering your options, so that you can make the best choice for you and your dog.

Here is a quick list for you!

What is a ​Dog ​Clipper?

A dog clipper is like an electric razor meant for dogs, which is specially designed to cut through long dog fur for a cut that is closer to the body of the animal.

Dog clippers are often used by pet owners who find that the fur on their dog is becoming bothersome, such as by leaving clumps everywhere throughout the house or shedding so much that the danger leads to allergic reactions.

Usually, cutting the fur short can take care of these problems - and of course, many owners realize that they can turn to a professional dog grooming service to get this done.

However, dog groomers tend to be expensive, especially if the dog’s fur grows back quickly and you end up having to take your pet to the dog groomer every few weeks.

Why You Need a ​Dog ​Clipper?

That’s where dog clippers come in - the best way for pet owners to take care of dog grooming at home. It may take more time, but it’s also much more cost-effective. And after a few practice rounds, you should be able to trim your dog’s fur without any trouble.

Dog clippers are also beneficial because they allow you to style your dog’s fur however you would like. Although there are standardized “looks” for some breeds. But in general, you have control to decide how you would like your pet to look.

Dog grooming at home has the added advantage of being easier for nervous or easily excitable dogs to handle. If your dog is likely to shy away from a different groomer or is not trained enough to sit still when a person other than you is handling the dog, you should consider getting the grooming done you.

The Top 10 Best Dog Clippers Reviews ​2019

​#1. ​​Andis ​Ultraedge 2 ​Speed ​Clipper - ​Best ​Professional ​Dog ​Clippers


  • ​Brand: ​Andis;
  • Paw
    ​Dimensions: ​10 x 8 x 2.5 inches;
  • Paw
    ​Frequency : 60 Hz;
  • ​Weight: ​17.5 oz
  • Model No: ​22360;

​These dog clippers are the closest to professional that you can find, and it’s helpful that they work for all dog coats and breeds. As a result, though, they are also some of the priciest dog clippers out there, and may not be what you’re looking for regarding price.

The ​Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper includes a special cooling system that prevents the tool from overheating, and it runs quietly to save you a headache (which you may already have from trying to groom your dog). 

The blade is detachable so that it’s easy to change or clean it, which is especially beneficial if you want to try out different styling options on your dog and see what works best. Furthermore, it keeps the blade from becoming dull as you can change it out at your leisure.

The rotary motor comes in two speeds so that you can adjust depending on how thick your dog’s fur is, as well as what part of your pet you are working on grooming. This is perfect in that you can get multiple jobs done without having to get another pair of clippers that has a different speed setting.

Although this device has a cord, its 14-foot length should be enough to maneuver around your dog and move easily around your equipment.

Furthermore, its shatterproof design is evidence of high-quality craftsmanship, as you don’t have to worry about it breaking into pieces if you drop it.  You can expect these clippers to last you for years to come.

Andis also sells guiding combs and blades that don’t come with the product, but which you can buy separately. For example, the nine-piece set of Andis Pet Small Animal Clipper Combs is a good addition to your grooming toolkit, as is the Andis Pet CeramicEdge Carbon-Infused Steel Animal Clipper Blade. That last item is sold separately because it is higher-quality (and thus, also more expensive) than other blades.

  • ​​Super 2-speed ​rotary motor for best performance
  • ​​3,400-4,400 strokes per minute
  • ​​Detachable UltraEdge 10 size blade
  • Paw
    Perfect for all coat types
  • Paw
     Suitable ​with all UltraEdge, ShowEdge​, and CeramicEdge blades
  • Paw
    14 feet heavy duty cord

​#2. ​​Oster ​A5 ​Turbo ​Clipper​s - ​Best ​Grooming ​Clippers


  • ​Brand: Oster;
  • ​Dimensions: 3 x 10.5 x 6 inches;
  • ​Weight: 1.97 lb.
  • Model No: 078005-314-003;

​Oster is a well-known brand that provides high-quality clippers, so it’s no surprise that this particular model is well-equipped to handle your dog grooming needs. Along with dogs, it is also used for farming and livestock. So you know that it is easy to wield and can cut through even the thickest of fur with precision and comfort. 

​Luckily, the universal rotary motor comes in two speeds, which you can adjust depending on what works best for you. ​Also, what kind of shape you are styling your dog’s fur into.

The Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper is also specially built to run without releasing a lot of heat, which prevents it from overheating and hurting you or your dog. (However, you should still turn it off and check every now and then just to be safe).

The special CryogenX blade has an AgION antimicrobial coating, which prevents the spread of bacteria and also means that you can use it on multiple animals without worrying about what’s going to carry over.

The detachable blade system is quick and easy to use, whether you want to change blades out of necessity (such as if it is dull or broken) or if you just want to experiment with different types to find which one is best for you.

Several add-ons are available that work with this project, but are not sold with it - you need to buy them separately. One is the Oster Kool Lube III Spray Coolant, which is what you can spray onto your clippers if they do happen to overheat - it’s an alternative to just setting them aside and waiting for them to cool down. The other is the Oster Professional Care 10-Piece Universal Comb Set, which provides every guiding comb length that you could ever possibly need for your dog.

​Highlighted Features:

  • ​Turbo 2-speed ​powerful rotary motor
  • ​Running at 3,000 ​to 4,000 strokes per minute
  • ​Detachable CryogenX blade with AgION antimicrobial coating
  • Paw
     Suitable for all types Oster A5 blades
  • Paw
    12 feet Cord
  • Paw
    1 year warranty
  • Paw
    Comes with #10 detachable blades, blade oil,carbon brushes clipper grease  and a cleaning brush

​3. Wahl ​​Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper Kit - ​Best ​Value ​Dog ​Clippers


  • ​Brand: ​Wahl;
  • ​Dimensions: ​1.5 x 2 x 6.5 inches;
  • ​Weight: 1 lb.
  • Model No: ​9484-300;

​A clipper that provides complete grooming for your pet. This Wahl U-Clip pet grooming kit is perfect for you, if you're looking for a budget-friendly and high quality clipper. ​They’re designed to cut through any dog hair and leave your pet looking great. You can give your dog the perfect make-over, especially now winter is over.

​This clipper designed with Wahl's own patented advanced motor,​ which gives super fast speed 7200 strokes per minute. This speed allow you to give your pets coat an excellent finish that will make them look perfect.

The lower speeds run cool for the ideal way to clip around sensitive areas. The higher speeds are perfect for clipping your dog’s body coat and give them a lovely coat finish.

When it comes to clipping, this is perfect for medium coat type like Spaniels, Cavaliers, Labradors, Shih Tzus and others. ​It won’t cut your dog’s skin and will cut through any hair. ​You and your dog will appreciate this excellent clipper.

This Wahl clipper also features standard blades that runs cooler and lasts longer than other clippers. They also have independent blade sharpening service.

Above all, this 16- piece clipper kit ​includes adjustable blade (#30, #15 & #10), seven guide combs, a grooming ​apron, scissors, blade oil and instructional DVD. We recommended this cost-worthy clipper kit with great features.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Electromagnetic motor
  • ​Running ​up to 7200 strokes per minute
  • ​Adjustable taper lever and blade
  • Paw
    ​Only 1 pound weight
  • Paw
    ​Corded; 8 feet Cord
  • Paw
    ​2 year limited warranty
  • Paw
    Made in USA
  • Paw
    ​Includes ​Blades, 7 guide combs, blade guard, Blade oil, Cleaning brush, instructional DVD, Apron and Instruction book.

​4.  PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit - Best Clippers ​For Poodles


  • ​Brand: ​PetTech
  • ​Weight: 1.4 ​pounds

​Going on with our top clippers list, we've the ​Pet​Tech professional dog grooming kit. Keeping your dog calm while you’re cutting their hair will prevent any injury, and these clippers will keep your dog calm. The ​precision motor with low vibration is quiet to keep your dog calm and relaxed while you’re cutting their hair.

The superior ​motor is powerful enough to cut through thin to medium coats. The Clippers stay cool to keep your dog from being burned by the quick action of the blades. The clippers are quiet so your dog won’t get worked up while you’re grooming them.

Th​is Clipper ​is durable, and the ​ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand. You will be very comfortable while you’re cutting your dog’s coat. Also, comfortable for hard to reach areas.

For its cordless features, you can use this whenever you want. Also, titanium blades are ideal for versatile grooming and cleaning.

Luckily, you'll get a lifetime replacement guarantee where maximum products comes with only 1 year warranty.

And the best part is that you'll get this stylish clipper with all grooming accessories at a cheaper rate on the market.

  • ​Powerful motor with whisper-quiet and low vibration
  • Paw
    ​Precision ​Cut sharp Titanium blades
  • Paw
  • Ideal for thin to medium fur
  • Paw
    ​Lifetime guarantee
  • Paw
    ​Includes ​​complete grooming accessories

​5. Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Clipper Kit - Best ​For Thick ​Hair


  • ​Brand: Andis
  • ​Dimensions: 10.3 x 10.2 x 3.1 inches
  • ​Weight: 14 oz
  • ​Model No: 21420

​This ​Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade Clipper Kit is very powerful for grooming dogs with heavy coats ​and it is also low-priced than  other Andis clippers.

Furthermore, it comes with four attachment combs in different sizes, so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing them separately. The ceramic blade is detachable so that you can easily replace it with another one.

However, you won't’ have to do that anytime soon because its design allows it to stay sharper for a longer period than other blades. The blade also runs cooler to prevent overheating and accidental burning, which is a danger with less reputable brands and blades.

The Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade Clipper is built to be break-resistant so that it can withstand years of use, as well as those tiny accidents that everyone has (such as dropping the clipper).

This is a corded clipper, and the 12-foot cord provides plenty of room to move in any direction around your pet (although it is shorter than on some other devices). The motor stays quiet to keep your pets calm, which is important if your dog is particularly excitable or nervous about being groomed.

To round off the seven pieces mentioned in the name, this kit also comes with a storage case so that you can keep all of your accessories for the clipper in one place.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Powerful Rotary motor
  • ​Detachable ​Ceramic blade system
  • Paw
    ​For heavy coat with 12' cord
  • Paw
    ​Strokes per min. 3700
  • Paw
    ​7 piece kit includes four combs, blade oil and a hard storage case.

​6. ​​​Wahl ​Pro ​Series ​Rechargeable ​Pet ​Clipper ​Kit - Best For Double Coated Clipping


  • ​Brand: ​Wahl
  • ​Dimensions: ​8 x 2.5 x 2.2 inches
  • ​Weight: ​​1.6 pounds
  • ​Model No: ​​9590-210

​The 14-piece kit is perfect for anyone who wants to groom their dog or any pet. The cordless operation is an excellent way to keep your pet from chewing on the cord. It has a non-stop clipping power to cut through any thick hair on your pet.

The power drive cutting system cuts through thick hair with ease, preventing the hair from pulling out. The accessories are ideal for getting the perfect cut every time.

The Cordless feature is ideal for anyone who has a pet that won’t sit still for a haircut. The battery in the Clippers won’t die while you’re cutting their hair. The recharging unit is ideal for keeping the Clippers while you’re not using them. All the accessories help you out to give your pet a perfect cut.

There are plenty of features to give your pet a perfect and professional cut. The blade guard, cleaning brush, and oil will keep your clippers in top working shape. A comb makes it easy to brush away any extra hair buildup on your pet.

The self-sharpening blades are high-carbon steel to keep them sharp all the time. The precision ground helps them stay sharper longer than other clippers. They are the ideal Clippers for anyone who owns a pet with long hair.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​​PowerDrive motor to cut thick ​fur
  • ​Corded/Corddless both function available
  • ​Detachable ​sharp blade made with ​high carbon steel
  • Paw
    ​Comfortable and ergonomic grip, easy to handle
  • Paw
    ​5 year warranty with 1 month satisfaction guarantee
  • Paw
    ​Includes with #​4 ​guide combs, scissors and other grooming accessories with a storage case and an instructional DVD

​7. ​​​Sminiker Low Noise Dog Clipper Kit - Best Silent Clipper


  • ​Brand: ​Sminiker Professional
  • ​Dimensions: ​8.1 x 2.4 x 10.7 inches
  • Paw
    ​Charge Time: 3 to 4 hr
  • ​Weight: ​1.3 lbs
  • ​​Cord Length: 175cm
  • Paw
    ​Usage Time: 5 to 6 hr

​When you get this stylish dog clipper, ​just forget the other grooming tools. Yes, this Sminiker professional clipper comes with all accessories. Besides a super cordless clipper it contains a nail clipper, a nail file, one Rechargeable battery, scissors and other tools to pamper your furry friends.

​It's heavy copper axis motor helps to give a perfect cut. Also, the ​R shaped ​design protect your puppy's skin from accidental cutting. They’re easy to use and ideal for anyone who wants a professional look on their dog’s coat.

Sminiker features movable titanium blades with ceramic combination. It will ensure long-time cutting without any rust. You will get through the grooming process faster than with other clippers.

With a single charge you can use this for 5-6 hours. But their recharge time is quite slow 3-4 hours. Above all, for it's low noise (about 50 db) it is perfect for anxious dogs.

Feel free to contact with them, if you're facing any problem. So, let's try with this great clipper when you're on a tight budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Precision, copper axis-motor with low noise and ultra-quiet design
  • ​Titanium with Ceramic combination blade 
  • ​R shaped design with sharp alloy shaver head
  • Paw
    Clipper head with ​33 cutter
  • Paw
    ​​2 year guarantee for clippers
  • Paw
    ​Includes with nail clipper, nail file, rechargeable battery, stainless steel scissors, #​4 ​guide combs, AC ​power ​adapter, and cleaning brush.

​8. Bojafa Dog Grooming Clippers Kit - Best ​For ​Matted ​Hair


  • ​Brand: ​Bojafa
  • ​Dimensions: ​ 9 x 2.1 x 2.5 inches
  • ​Weight: 14.1 oz
  • ​Low noise below 60 db

​If you've the Bojafa clipper on your hand, no need any professional groomer. You can easily cut your pet's hair like a pro at home. You will get both benefit with cordless or corded. They also offered an extra battery. So, no need to worry for battery replacement.

Bojafa clippers ​are mainly favorite for their low-noise and lightweight features. ​It's only ​about less than 60 db. ​Because, it comes with precision motor with exceptional quite technology.

As though that's not enough, this clipper is made with heavy duty titanium and ceramic combining blade. It has 33 sharp cutter and don't become hot for long time usage. Th​is titanium blades are detachable for easy cleaning and changing the blades out.

So, you'll get an excellent cutting experience with this clipper. Your dog will be happy with these clippers once you’ve finished cutting their hair.

Above all, you will get lifetime replacement guarantee with all Bojafa clippers. With this clipper they provide all grooming accessories. ​Furthermore, this clipper is really awesome and user friendly with a cheaper rate, we have seen so far.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Cordless and corded both working mode
  • Paw
    Precision motor helps to reduce noise
  • ​Detachable Titanium blade with 33 cutter head  
  • ​Usage time 70 minutes with full charge
  • Paw
    ​Includes with ​Extra rechargeable battery, scissor, 4 combs, nail clipper & file, AC Power Adapter, Cleaning Brush, rechargeable battery and user manual.

​9. Wahl Professional ​Bravura Lithium Clipper - Best Cordless Dog Clipper


  • ​Brand: ​Wahl
  • ​Dimensions: ​4.5 x 6.2 x 10 inches
  • ​Weight: ​8.8 oz.
  • ​Model No: ​41870-0423

​This ​​​​Wahl bravura lithium professional clipper offers maximum power and torque to cut through your pet’s hair quickly and efficiently. The recharge is quick to allow you to keep clipping your pet’s hair till it’s perfect. The low vibration keeps your pets calm, and the low maintenance is ideal for cleaning. 

The different features give you a professional feel for th​is ​Wahl bravura lithium clipper. The run-time on the battery is long enough to complete your pet’s haircut. They’re ideal for any pet and won’t get caught in the thicker part of their fur.

The Clippers are lightweight and provide a powerful cut through any thick pet hair. The 5000 strokes per minute are ideal for cutting their hair quickly and efficiently. The cordless feature is excellent for getting hard to reach places and you don't strain yourself. It is ideal for using them on any of your pets.

The Clippers are versatile for using on any part of your pet. You can use it on their feet, face and finish work. The clippers glide through your pet's hair quickly and efficiently to finish the job. They are excellent for bigger dogs with a lot of thick furs.

The long run-time of the Clippers means you don’t have to keep recharging them while you’re grooming your dog. The blades are cool while they’re running, so they don’t burn your dog. The low vibration is ideal to keep your pet calm while you’re using them. The clipper should charge fully to eliminate any future battery issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Cordless and corded both ​options
  • Paw
    ​Runtime  90 minutes with 60 minutes recharge
  • ​5-in-1 blade made with heavy steel; made in Germany
  • ​Strokes per minute up to 5500
  • Paw
    Clipper made in USA
  • Paw
    12 month warranty
  • Paw
    ​Includes with ​​blade set with 5 blades, 6 plastic guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush, charger with charge stand, user manual and a storage box.

​10. ​Wahl ​Arco ​Cordless ​Clipper -  ​Best ​Clippers for ​Shih ​Tzu


  • ​Brand: ​Wahl
  • ​Dimensions: ​7 x 1.4 x 1.7 inches
  • ​Weight: ​7.9 oz
  • ​Model No: ​8786-1001

​If you’re looking for a cordless clipper, this is one of the best that you can get; it is lightweight yet powerful, which makes it great for thick-haired dogs that you need to be able to move around as well as cut for a longer period.

The Wahl ARCO ​Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit comes with five adjustable blades, which makes it a value regarding price; however, you still have to prepare to pay over $100 if you want to get it.

This clipper is especially well-suited to feet, face, and finish work, as it glides through coats quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on the details.  You can easily use this clipper for different small and medium breeds like Terriers, Bichons, Spaniels and Shih Tzus.

As with the other Clippers, it is cool-running, and thus you don’t have to worry about whether it’s going to overheat and hurt your pet. The motor is also quiet to minimize distractions for you and keep your dog calm.

The Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit can also be bought with a bottle of Wahl Professional Animal Blade Oil, which keeps the blade running smoothly and also keeps it from getting dull as quickly as other blades do.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Paw
    Rotary motor with single speed
  • Paw
    ​Run time  ​80 minute with ​75 minute recharge
  • ​5-in-1 blade made ​for various cutting; made in Germany
  • ​RPM/Strokes per minute up to 5500
  • Paw
    ​1-year limited  warranty
  • Paw
    ​Includes with ​​blade set with '5 in 1' blade set, ​charger with charge stand, 4 guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush, user manual and a soft storage box.

​Factors to ​Consider ​Before ​Buying a Dog Clipper

​Now that you know a bit more about what dog clippers are used for and top products review on the market. You’re probably wondering how you can go about choosing the best ​dog grooming clippers for you. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Know ​What to ​Do ​Before ​​Using Clippers on Your Dog

Before you are ready to choose a specific brand or type of dog clippers, make sure that you understand how to use clippers in general. So that you don’t end up purchasing them and then finding out that you are using them incorrectly.

  • ​First, you should wash and dry your dog’s fur so that it is manageable; then, check that you also have a comb and slicker brush available. These tools are important for achieving the overall look you want, as well as making sure that your dog’s fur stays neat so you can cut it evenly.
  • ​Then, you are ready to begin clipping; after choosing the blade that you want and using an appropriately sized guide comb, start cutting from the top to the bottom.
  • ​You should clip in the direction that your dog’s fur grows to have a smooth cut, as cutting from the bottom up will leave marks in your dog’s fur.
  • As you’re grooming, be careful not to overheat the Clippers, as this can hurt your dog; turn them off regularly and check the temperature with your hand.
  • After you’re done, store the clippers in a cool, dry location until the next time you use them.

Know ​What ​Type of ​Fur ​Your ​Dog ​Has

Different fur types will require different clippers - for example, longer fur needs a longer guide comb, which will allow you to reach down deeper to get a closer shave. Comparatively, shorter fur should have a shorter guide comb.

Many dog clippers will come with a kit of guide combs of varying lengths and sizes, but other times you will have to purchase them yourself. You should check whether the dog clipper you are buying is marked as suitable for “all breeds and fur types” or whether it is for something specific.

​It’s also helpful to research what your dog’s breed is “supposed” to look like - although there are variations, in general there’s one way to style your dog’s fur, and knowing what that his will help you decide on a dog clipper to purchase.

Choose ​Between ​Cordless and ​Corded ​Clippers

Cordless clippers use batteries and don’t have to be plugged into a wall socket to work. Corded Clippers, on the other hand, will only turn on when they’re plugged in. There are advantages and disadvantages to using each - for example, cordless clippers are easier to maneuver in the directions you want, but you also have to supply them with batteries, which will run out sooner or later.

Cordless clippers are more difficult to use because you have to watch the cord and move it around as you move the clippers, but they also have a boundless source of power as long as they’re plugged into an outlet.

You can find powerful clippers of both types; whether one is corded or cordless doesn’t have much bearing on how well it does its job.

However, you do want to consider variables such as how large your dog is; how likely the dog is to move around, which could be a danger if there is a cord that he or she can easily trip over or become tangled in; and how far your nearest power source is from the place that you groom your dog.

Especially if you are grooming outside, you might need cordless clippers just because you can’t reach a power outlet with at 12-foot or 14-foot cord.

Consider ​The ​Different ​Blades ​Available

When choosing your dog clippers, you will most likely get a default blade that comes with the device; this will usually be good for all short- and medium-length dog fur types, but you should check whether this is the case before buying.

Dogs with very long or very thick fur will need a larger and thicker blade that is prepared to deal with this much volume, while a fine blade is good for shorter- or thinner-haired dogs.

Most of the clippers you buy will have detachable blades, as they will eventually get dull and need to be replaced. As a result, it is also relatively easy to get blades of different shapes and sizes and test them out on the dog clippers after you buy them.

There are different types of blades you can buy separately from the Clippers, but in general, the ceramic blades tend to be cooler, sharper, and longer-lasting than other types. That’s because the ceramic material is specially crafted in extreme heat. So that it gets very hard and very sharp and stays that way for a long time.

Ceramic blades also sometimes come with an antimicrobial coating, which is very helpful for protecting you and your pet from bacteria and infections that may be transmitted by using the blade on other animals, or just by exposing it to the air in general.

Think ​About Price Considerations

Price is definitely important, although it would be great if it weren’t so; unfortunately, many of the choices we make are determined by how much we can pay for something. Although you can find Clippers that cost anywhere from $70 to $200, the average price is around $120.

However, you can go lower or higher depending on what you’re looking for and from where you purchase the clippers. Here are a few features that factor into price:

  • ​Speed
  • ​Blade design
  • ​Corded or cordless
  • ​Motor type
  • ​Features included

​The price is also important because it determines how many other features and accessories you can buy to go with your dog clippers – for example, a set of guide combs, a slicker brush, and different blade attachments. The more expensive the dog clippers, the less likely you are to purchase additional items to go with them.

Look at ​Quality and ​Brand

Before you purchase a product, you should always make sure that it is of the quality that you want, which is especially important for dog clippers – an item that costs a lot and thus is supposed to last you for a few years at least.

You want to look for clippers that are solidly built, won’t fall apart after a few uses, and won’t malfunction easily; there are numerous horror stories about Clippers suddenly stopping while you are using them, or overheating, which many of the most quality clippers won’t do.

Another aspect of quality is how resistant it is to breaking - many Clippers nowadays will come in the break-resistant or shatter-proof housing so that you don’t have to worry about what happens if you accidentally drop them on the ground. Look for this feature to be mentioned specifically in the text description of the item you are buying.

Much of this is tied to brand – which brands are reputable, and which are not? Brands such as Andis, Wahl, and Oster are known to be reliable, while some brands that you’ve never heard of before or that get poor reviews should be avoided.

If you’re ever unsure whether something is authentic or not, you should ask an expert in the pet grooming industry or an employee at the location where you’re purchasing the item.

​Top ​Dog ​Clipper ​Brands


Andis is a leader for all types of grooming products. They are used by professionals and within homes for clipping any hair. Their products are found all over the world in hotels and homes. They are popular for grooming pet hair, and they have a lot of accessories to make your pet look their finest.

Their professional brand is a favorite of experts who recommend Andis. Your pet will thank you for using Andis, and their professional advice will ensure you give your pet the perfect trim. They’re an excellent brand you’ll love it for everything you need.


​Oster is a well-known brand for creating clippers. They have an excellent line of clippers available, and they are some of the best on the market. Their clippers are ideal for people and animals, so you know you’re getting some of the best.

Oster takes pride in their grooming ability to make sure everyone gets the haircut they want. The variety of clippers allows you to choose from a vast product line to create your dog’s ideal haircut.

You will not regret purchasing a set of Oster clippers to keep your dog’s hair short and looking good. Other dogs may get jealous from seeing your dog’s new haircut.​​​


Wahl is one of the leaders in grooming products, and their clippers are some of the best available. They’re used by professionals and amateurs alike, and their influence spans across the globe.

They have a variety of options for using them on your pets to keep them calm and give them a great look. Their products are ideal for people, pets, and even for cattle.

Wahl is one of the best companies for finding your next pair of clippers. They’re guaranteed to last you a long time and give your dog the best haircut in the dog park.

How To Clean Dog Clippers Properly

For many of us pet cleaners, cleaning dog clippers is one big headache forever. I personally tried with a few methods but ended up with the one with rubbing alcohol. Here are the details of this process -

Steps of Cleaning Dog Clipper Using Rubbing Alcohol:

One of the cleaning process of dog clippers is using rubbing alcohol. It's a simple process with effective solution.

  • Step 1: Take a simple measuring cup, 100-200 mg of rubbing alcohol and the dirty dog clipper that's supposed to be clean.
  • Step 2: Pour 1/4 of the measuring cup with rubbing alcohol over  the blades and hold the clipper.
  • ​Step 3: Check out for the dirt around the dog clipper and start rubbing these with brush. Also, look for hair falls sticking around the clipper.
  • Step 4: Pass small rinses of alcohol over and around the clipper. You should see dirt and hairs falling around.
  • Step 5: As you are done with the entire clipper, rinse it again with water.

​Final Verdict

I hope that the tips for choosing the best dog clippers provided above have been helpful, as well as the reviews on different brands and types of dog clippers. After absorbing all of this information, you should have everything you need to get started with your search! Looking at all the different models of dog clippers available in the market.

There are a few that stand out, but my recommendation also depends on what factors you are looking for. I highly recommend purchasing one of these items, as you can get started on grooming your dog at home today.

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