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How to Clip Dog Nails When Dog is Scared of It

​As a dog owner, you really need to make sure that your pet is provided with the proper care and therefore, nail clipping is absolutely essential. However, most of the dogs are afraid of nail clipping since it makes them uncomfortable. ​Anyhow, we know that it can be pretty stressful for a dog to have its […]

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How to Groom a Goldendoodle: Step by Step Guide

​As we all know, every dog that has long hair should have a proper grooming. With the proper grooming, these dogs will definitely develop a nice and healthy hair that they deserve.  However, the whole process of grooming a dog’s hair can be really hard and frustrating for so many reasons, especially if you are […]

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How to Remove Dog Hair from Car Seats

There is no denying just how fun it is to have man’s best friend in the seat of your car as you drive to the beach, to visit family and friends or to the vet’s. Your dog will stick his head out the window as the tongue sticks out of his or her mouth and […]

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How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast

Knowing when and where to use the bathroom is one of the most important lessons that your puppy will need to know. A well-trained puppy will help to keep your home from selling like pet waste and it will make you feel good about your pet. The following information will explain the best process that how […]

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How to Calm Down a Dog

Dogs are generally regarded as one of the most amazing domestic creatures to own. Apart from the fact that they are lovely to play with, they also serve as wonderful and loyal companions. Dogs are owned for different reasons, while some own one for the sake of security, some prefer it as a mere pet […]

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Can Dogs Eat Pork or Pork Bones? A to Z

People love their dogs and want to give them treats to show how much they love them. People have given dogs bones to chew on and often share their dinner with them. This may not be the best idea. Research has shown that some bones can hurt the dog. Not all human foods are good for […]

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Why do Dogs Eat Poop and How to Stop It

The practice of eating feces is known as Coprophagia, and it’s fairly common for dogs of all ages and breeds. In 2012 Dr. Benjamin Hart of UC Davis presented a study to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior in which he and his team examined a pool of over 3,000 pet dogs.1 out of […]

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When do Puppies Lose Their Teeth?

Dog owners might all have the same question: when do puppies lose their teeth? It’s a good idea for dog owners to have an idea of when their puppies are going to lose their teeth. Obviously, puppies are not all going to lose their teeth at the exact same time. It’s important to remember that breed […]

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How to Clean Dogs Ears and Eyes

How to Clean Dogs Ears and EyesThere is probably no grooming task for dogs that is less understood or practiced than how to properly clean their ears and eyes. Regardless, it is critical that the time and effort be taken to do this since failure can cause your dog to develop serious infections and long-term […]

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