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Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit Review

When it comes to grooming at our house, we have a lot of strong-willed and independent adult dogs who turn into reluctant little puppies when the clippers come out. There are much whining and grumbling and attempting to hide where mommy and daddy can’t reach you/pull you out. Having a good set of grooming clippers is essential to making the grooming process as painless and convenient as possible. Fortunately, Wahl offers the Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit. It includes everything you need to keep your pets looking well cared for and clean, and it does so at a very affordable price point. Let’s take a look at what your money buys you, and why this clipper set gives you the best value for your dollar.


​The U-Clip has a ‘Super Shunt‘ motor that runs quiet and cool without stalling or catching. Additionally, it keeps the blades humming at 7200 strokes per minute, keeping the blades moving through your pet’s coat smoothly and efficiently. For a corded grooming clipper, this model does not put out a lot of noise, which is good for you and your pets. One of our dogs runs and hides every time he hears the clippers turn on three rooms away, but this model is quiet enough that he stays calm during his haircuts and doesn’t fuss.


Sporting high-quality stainless steel cutting blades, the U-Clip cuts easily through fine to medium coats and leaves nice sharp edges when used with the included comb attachments. The blades are quiet enough that they don’t frighten your noise sensitive pets, and there is very little build-up or struggle when cutting even the most tangled and matted of coats. Our dogs rarely grumble or complain while getting a trim, and they are much easier to manage during the process as well thanks to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Clippers’ bladesystem.


​If you can’t find what you need in the attachments for this clipper set, you probably aren’t going to use it on a pet. There is a total of seven attachment guides for varying lengths, and they snap easily on and off with a satisfying click. Getting the look you want for your pet has never been easier, and you can vary coat length with just a quick swap of the guides and a steady hand.



Frequently Asked Questions

Question:​ How does the adjustable blade work?

Answer: The blade of the clippers can be shifted roughly 8mm up or down to allow for a close-cropped cut without blade guides, or to create a longer groomed look. Being able to adjust the blade is especially ideal for grooming pets with short coats, or for keeping your pets normally thick coat well trimmed during the warmer months of the year.

Question:​ How do these clippers handle trimming matted coats?

Answer: The U-Clip is not specifically designed for trimming mats out of pets coats, but it can be used to clip matted areas of fur with a little help. Usually, the matted fur needs to be pre-trimmed with a pair of grooming shears before it can be clipped. I would not recommend tackling the grooming issue head-on without first preparing the area with a few snips from the included grooming shears.

Question:​ Is this clipper a good fit for curly haired or long haired dogs?

Answer: My experience with the clippers to date is that so long as the coat is not more than medium thickness, these clippers plow right through very easily. We have used them on everything from poodles to Shih-Tzu’s, to wire hair terriers, and it has never failed to perform well regardless of the length.

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Final Verdict

For the price point, it simply does not get better than the Wahl Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit. Having personally used a set of these clippers on all of our dogs for several years now, I can safely say they hold up well over time and require only the most rudimentary of maintenance to keep them in good working order. The motor is quiet, they are easy to use, and include everything you need to start keeping your pet groomed at home without the expense or hassle of taking them to a dog groomer.

If you are looking for a solid entry into home pet grooming, this is the best model for you. I also recommend watching the instruction DVD, as it has some great tips from professional dog groomers that can make trimming time a better experience for you and your pets. Pick one up today, and keep your pets looking fabulous all year round.

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